June 4, 2007

Archived - Homeowner Association Rant

Archived HOA postings - June through December 2007.


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2007

    HOA's Suck.

  2. My girlfriend and I where going to buy a condo.

    She was renting for six months, then she was going to get a loan.

    I had been living in a condo right next door to the property manager for a year, before moving directly up stairs.

    The property managers learned that I was in a custody battle, and began herassing and threatening me.

    They like the mom better.

    THey mocked me and said they wished I loose the kid, threatened to beat me up, screamed prophanities, called and beat on my door at 9pm saying "we want you out"

    We bother no one, pay our bills and never had a problem.

    These people starting making up stuff to fine us for, and called the owners demanding we be evicted or they would jsut keep tacing on hundreds of dollars worth of fines every week.

    The HOA wont listen, the managers are crooked slime, and the board wont listen since we are not owners yet.

    Yes HOAs are scummmmmmmm

  3. HOA;s Suck ......
    Soccer moms, realtors, et al kiss my butt you low lifes nazi scum.

    More rights of Americans taken away.
    HOA Board Members and thier Management Company whoever you are wherever you are ... I put a CURSE of Death through agony and pain on you ... die scum, dir screaming in pain ... you and all who support you.

  4. I'm damn glad I don't have an HOA.
    Vote to get rid of yours ........

  5. An Open Letter To My Homeowners Association:

    I have wiped better things off the bottom of my shoes than you.

  6. Anyone who is stupid enough to live where there's an HOA dereves to pay for all the benefits they don't get !!!

  7. Pay Attention, It's Your MoneyNovember 23, 2007

    Did you ever notice, these damn homeowner associations are always staffed with board members that fit into one of three categories:
    1 // They are scum bag Realtors

    2 // They are low life Mortgage Brokers

    3 // They are some ignorant worthless frustrated housewife soccer mom type who's husband is probably off screwing his secretary.

  8. I hope anyone who has or anyone that is on an HOA Board......Eats SHIT and Dies,real damn soon!!!

  9. The Shit StirrerDecember 29, 2007

    Part 1. - How to get even with your HOA:
    Religious structures are exempt under federal law for local zoning laws and location. Covert your house to a church (temple, mosque, etc.)…hell put a steeple on top of the roof.

    If anyone tries to interfere, claim religious exemption and contact the ACLU.

  10. The Shit StirrerDecember 29, 2007

    Part 2. - How to get even with your HOA:

    Federal courts have ruled that religious groups may possess animals that are deemed part of their religion. An example of this is Voo Doo practitioners use chickens in south Florida. So get yourself some chickens or roosters and tell the HOA they are for religious sacrifice.

  11. re, How to get even with your HOA:

    Here's my idea.......
    Got a community pool...take a shit in the pool. They will be required to empty the pool and have it disinfected and cleaned.

  12. The Shadow KnowsDecember 30, 2007

    With a sling shot, gloves, and a bag of marbles you can cause a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the ones you .......dont like so much!


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