April 1, 2009

Check to see before you buy


One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not researching HOA fees and restrictions before buying a home.

Do you have a 'Homeowner Association (HOA)'?
Well post your rant (stories here).

Sometimes these can be by another name such as Condo Association or Architectural Committee or Planned Community Association.

Most people are not happy with these HOA's and their Communist / Nazi dominating overseeing warlord attitude concerning you as an individual property owner and your rights.
Some states like Arizona now compel builders to have HOA's, which are regulated by a general real estate term called CC&R's (covenants, conditions & restrictions).

Here at this BLOG you can voice your ...
1) Total Objections and Opposition
2) Concerns
3) Rants and Displeasure
4) HOA Horror Stories
5) Suggestions on ways to get even with Homeowner Associations, Board Members, Property Management Companies, or Contractors hired by HOA's
6) Anything that tweaks your fancy about HOA's

Now get started, I have given you the tool - post at will, attack now!