April 1, 2009

Check to see before you buy


One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not researching HOA fees and restrictions before buying a home.

Do you have a 'Homeowner Association (HOA)'?
Well post your rant (stories here).

Sometimes these can be by another name such as Condo Association or Architectural Committee or Planned Community Association.

Most people are not happy with these HOA's and their Communist / Nazi dominating overseeing warlord attitude concerning you as an individual property owner and your rights.
Some states like Arizona now compel builders to have HOA's, which are regulated by a general real estate term called CC&R's (covenants, conditions & restrictions).

Here at this BLOG you can voice your ...
1) Total Objections and Opposition
2) Concerns
3) Rants and Displeasure
4) HOA Horror Stories
5) Suggestions on ways to get even with Homeowner Associations, Board Members, Property Management Companies, or Contractors hired by HOA's
6) Anything that tweaks your fancy about HOA's

Now get started, I have given you the tool - post at will, attack now!


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  2. Well here it goes. Found a wonderful (so i thought) condo at the end of last year approx Nov. 2008. Seller motivated and condo in pretty perfect shape. The catch, seller was 2nd owner of condo and highly involved with HOA. One run in with the "towing Nazis" 1 month after move in...Hang Tag not in car, and contract gives carte blanch for them to tow. Paid "Owner Fine" for having my car parked in my designate spot. Reviewed rules provided by HOA regarding parking States basically that number spots reserved for properly authorized vehicles (i.e. hang tags) all other unnumbered spots free for visitors to park in. Received notice that "towing Nazis" have changed I think GREAT. Fast forward to this weekend. Fiancé comes over to help around the house and stay. Parked in non-numbered spot wake Saturday morning @ 5:30am to start day car GONE!!! call "Towing Nazis" to see if car is there fiancé freaking out on me because it is my fault. Again review parking rules clearly states numbered reserved non-numbered free for visitors. Go to "towing Nazis" location pay "Owner Fine" get vehicle, but before I leave I request to see their documentation of policy (as we all know HOA dicators change rules when working on contracts with "Towing Nazis"). Read the policy and find that the new rule regarding parking is that all vehicles on the property must have a hang tag and that if they do not have this then they have to park in what is called satellite parking and walk to my condo. Problem rule change was "effective Jan 2008". Further once I returned to condo walked the entire property documenting signage and NOWHERE does it state that all vehicles must have tags only signage states that numbered spots are reserved. Also the satellite areas are occupied with either trailers for the toys of those who can afford them or old crap cars that don't run. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do now? by the way note when the condo was purchased and the fact that I received the HOA rules and when the change went into effect. I'll give it to you again Bought Nov. 2008 rules provided then, Parking change effective and incorporated in the rules Jan. 2008.

  3. My first time in a HOA and so far I've only received a notice because I had a few weeds in the front yard. Who cares about three lowly weeds? In any case, I take care of it by polluting the earth with chemical weed combatant. I've been wanting two chickens in the backyard (not a rooster) so I can gather my own eggs and control bugs. Association won't allow that. They pretty much won't allow parking on the street, hanging anything outside of the house without permission and of course you need approval if you plan to plant anything in the front yard. Nice to know I paid a decent amount for this house to be told what I can and cannot do with my property. Associations are evil and I can't wait to get out of here.

  4. I'm with you. OK, how do I take my HOA down?

  5. Do you know of any strategies for dealing with oppressive HOAs?

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  8. i dont own a home as of yet
    but wow i can see why america is failing

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  10. I dont have an HOA, dont want one, wouldnt live whre there is one

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  12. Don't have an HOA.
    Wouldn't live in one!

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  27. I am in an HOA. The board has 3 realtors and a mortgage broker. What a cluster fuck. None of them know shit.

  28. I am in an HOA, all 3 idiots on the board are Realtors. What a F**KING Con Game.

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  31. I moved in with a friend who retired down to NC. We both need our incomes to make it, retired, disabled women. One of us has cancer. The other, me, not in good health either but able to do housework, etc. One of the HOA board members is a law enforcement officer and not too bright as she put her name on a complaint in April to animal control. We have cats. All up to date, spayed, neutered, fed, watered, litter box scooped. Miss Thing has a lt who has said twice to me "I don't know why old women buy a house they can't keep up," my friend was in the hospital when she said it and she sure as hell did not have cancer when she bought into this Nazi shithole. Deputy Cop has used her position in Law Enforcement to intimidate and also has abused her position. Sent one of her boys right up to the window here one evening to take photos of shrubs that were dying and I was having taken out. He TRESPASSED and scared hell out of me. My friend who is the homeowner did not want me to call the cops but we found out who he was. So last week, animal control was here AGAIN. I had just cleaned up, mopped floors as I do each morning, fed, watered, scooped. He only came in (after being threatening) a few feet, saw cats, all in "good shape." However this punk wrote a report that the house smelled from the outside and there were feces on the floor, yet he admits he only came into the entryway. I drove up, got a copy of the report and blew a gasket. So the animal control boss said she would send an officer to see all the cats that evening. I walked him through to the back porch where we confined all of the cats (we have a dozen) and he said all was fine. Now, I mop the floors because I like to do it, (my mom is spinning in her grave) and I don't want any shit (no pun intended) from the AC. This is not Martha Stewart's house but it's ok. We have no carpet.
    So yesterday I get a call from someone with the city. This chick had attitude. Yesterday she said she had a complaint from animal control and wanted to come out and walk around the house. Outside. I let her set up an appt but I also told her that the officer had lied. Her reaction was, "why would he lie?" Then she went onto say AC said that they could not do anything as the cats were in good shape and so it was up to her to follow up on a complaint. Of course, they sent her selective (and old) info. In short, "if we can't get you one way, we'll get you another." I called and left her a voicemail that I wanted her boss's name and phone number and was on the phone with a city official when she called back today screaming at me and throwing down ultimatums. And then went on to say, "You want to play hardball with me?" Well, yeah, sugar britches, I worked in government for my entire adult life and you don't get to screw with me like that. Can you say inappropriate? She cancelled the appointment because she said she wanted to come in the house. Ain't gonna happen, sweetheart. You don't get to do inspections. Long story short, she drove by--I saw her and went back and said there were no violations. And I heard from her boss and I will be getting this in writing. I expect retaliation but I am not done with them. I've spoken to lawyers and while I understand it's tough to sue HOA's here in NC I am not done with these assholes by a long damn shot and Deputy Miss Thing is going to find her backside in a world of hurt. No matter what we do they keep raising the bar. Oh, yeah, these paragons of virtue and preserving real estate values (like an HOA makes this a plus) have used workers that mysteriously appear to be undocumented individuals (and to be sure, I don't give a rat's ass about this one way or the other) to cut down HEALTHY trees and then, I'm not kidding, grind stumps on a school night after dark. As in from 8:30 to 10:30 at night. Dangerous, if you ask me. I was FLOORED.

  32. HOA's suck balls. Board member or not, you trespass on my turf, you'll need dental work done.

    ...and it does not bother me to go back to prison :-)

  33. HOAs are the common sources of frustration and anger among homeowners coupled with the sour economic times.

    But there are also many HOAs that are able to provide right kind of service to homeowners.

  34. HOA take many decisions about real estate properties and also give very nice advices to buyer for investment. HOA knows all market detail very clearly.

  35. One of the most offensive things we've seen is homeowners being tricked by their HOA's in to paying exorbitantly high fees- or for HOA's passing costs on to their own residents for their mistakes.

    For example paying 510+ a month for a condominium's HOA is ludicrous .


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