May 1, 2008

Archived Homeowner Association Rant

Archived HOA Posting for May 2008:
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  1. get green americaMay 10, 2008

    HOA's are stupid ...
    They worry about color of houses, when in fact white is the best choice for exterior paint for one reason -
    It reflects heat, making it the Green Color for Energy..

  2. AnonymousMay 18, 2008

    Been reading all the archive postings.
    Some great ideas on how to get even with HOA's and stupid ass neighbors.

  3. Your blog's mission loses credibility when

    1) you make these blanket, absolutist statements about HOAs. Our HOA is really good, the dues are low and we get a lot in return for the dues. Not all HOAs are this way, I understand that more than a few have problems and suffer from abuse or are vehicles for little Napoleons to take their power trips. However not all HOAs are this way.

    2) you mix up your feelings about HOAs with your politics. I would wager most of the residents here in our HOA are conservative Republicans, and one very right-wing Republican has served for many, many years on our board.

    Your blog would be more useful if you would curb your political rantings and be more fair and balanced in your discussions of HOAs. Venting and ranting tends to make people not take you very seriously.

  4. likes cops in a donut shopMay 18, 2008

    If you have ever been to an HOA meeting it's like going to a town council hearing.
    The stupid abound.
    The HOA punishes the innocent and rewards the guilty.
    Brothers and sisters plant what we tell you, drive what we tell you, and park were we tell you.
    But barking dogs, feral cats, ignorant loud neighbors, et al there all ok!

  5. The Blog AdministratorMay 18, 2008

    re, r-nato poster
    This BLOG is a free forum
    people post what they want as long as it stays on subject.
    in your case you can't even post to the correct area.
    your post was reposted by me because you posted to a close section of this blog - learn to read, better yet go back and take your medication.
    wake up and smell the coffee - if what you say is correct your a Liberal not a conservative.

  6. an old veteranMay 18, 2008

    re,re the HOA defender...
    I will bet anything he is a stupid ass useless Liberal and probably either works for an HOA Property Management Company or a Builder or worse is on a HOA Board and likes being a little Nazi scum-bag using his authority to boss others around and being a big shot.
    Bet his neighbors all hate the blow hart!

    FYI - I wouldn't live in your Nazi run HOA sub division, if you have any guts tell us what sub division it is so we can all avoid it and you!

  7. re, rnato ...
    what a loser

    anyone who defends HOA's has to be some dumb ass ignorant Realtor, Stinking Government lazy employee, Mortgage Broker, Politician, Home Builder, HOA Board Member, or loser ass Property Management Company

  8. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    The best thing to do with these asshole HOA's is get a video camera, make yourself a YouTube Video and tell the world what moron your dealing with.
    Name the HOA Board Member names, their home addresses, the Property Management Company, its address, and anyone else involved.
    Cause them grief like they are giving you.

  9. A Commodities BrokerMay 19, 2008

    HOA Supporter Poster -
    Look you jackass you think you walk on water.
    I can probably buy and sell you.
    I live in an HOA - It sucks.
    The homes are on 3 to 5 acre parcels and cost over 2 million each.
    It isn't about the price you pay for the home, it's about your dignity and self-respect. You bought into a home, a home is your own private domain, the government has no business telling what to do with it.

  10. Dallas TexasMay 24, 2008

    Wow hard to say anything, it's all been said - HOAs are worthless so are the people who run them!

  11. AnonymousMay 26, 2008

    My former HOA tells us who to vote for.


  12. AnonymousMay 27, 2008

    How stupid can people be to let their damn dogs inside a gated / fenced community pool and the HOA looks right on likes its ok.
    Then the board of health will want to close the pool, drain and steam clean it, and re-inspect it while the rest of the community goes without a pool and has to pay for an unnecessary cost.

    The HOA and their stupid ass management company suck.


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