August 1, 2008

Archived Homeowner Association Rant

The Cookie Cuuter Effect. Remember HOA's are just an extension of your builder's empty wasted warped mind.

Archived HOA Posting for August 2008:
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  1. an engineerAugust 01, 2008

    The problem with these damn cookie cutter homes, especially in the southwest, the color schemes are NOT conducive to energy savings, i.e. being GREEN.
    Everyone knows White is best for exterior home color for energy purposes.

  2. Sick and tired!August 06, 2008

    Pets, revenge is the best!

    HOA's are useless, solve the problem yourself ....
    Well after being just fed up of the next door neighbors dogs barking, I went and ordered a super dog bark stopper and mounted it on my property and faced it into their yard. And now every time their dogs bark it sets off this 120 db horn that shuts them up every time. It cost me 75 bucks with shipping,but was well worth it. Now it's rare that they bark because they know if they do the horn will sound. And now my neighbors dont talk to me. Oh well. At least I can sleep and get up when I want to now.

  3. LOL. Super dog bark stopper. I have one of those. It's called a Remington 12 gauge pump action. :-D


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