September 1, 2008

Archived Homeowner Association Rant

HOA's make my brain hurt!

Archived HOA Posting for September, October, and November 2008:
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  1. well said, HOA's make everyones brain hurt - they are so useless, they are pathetic, so are the builders who create them.

  2. if you are an unhappy north texas hoa member and want to tell the story of your experinces with your hoa contact me at

  3. this country needs another revolutionSeptember 04, 2008

    re, hate u all......

    I totally agree these damn HOAs are created by scum bag builders and lazy politicians.

    More big government, and another back door to taxing the public in oblivion.

  4. screw you pet ownersNovember 07, 2008

    Why do HOA's tolerate bullshit from pet owners??????

    I hate pets running all over the place, crapping in my yard, crapping in the common areas ... I have children, is this what I pay HOA fees for?

  5. tempe arizonaNovember 21, 2008

    my HOA and cheap labor

    My HOA hired cheap labor to maintain our green belt area. The workers killed long established plants due to lack of basic horticulture know how.
    In short, when we fired the company and hired those with experience we got back on track but it took a year to do so.
    By cheap, by twice.

  6. I passionately hate my homeowners association. They have repeatedly tried to rob me in highway robbery style.
    I live in a condo and my homeowners association in collusion the management have the power to suspend gravity and attributed a water leakage from above to me while sending me the "emergency" bill for a leakage in the downstairs unit.
    We don't have an on-site management, but the manager is basically the guy who sends out nasty letters just assigns blame every which way except for their lack of maintenance.
    They homeowners association even use my money to hire a lawyer to collect money which they OWE ME. They are outright mafia!
    I'd like to disband them but it is virtually impossible. I don't understand why there are so many sheeples living in my community as the Board of Directors are just not doing anything at all!

  7. lets just shoot'm allDecember 01, 2008

    Did you ever notice all the HOA boards have at least one stinking useless ass Realtor.
    These blow hart so nothing clowns are ruining my castle.

  8. Hello. And Bye.

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