January 1, 2009

Archived Homeowner Association Rant

Bet this gets a lot of passerby attention....
Another type of HOA is a condo association. These also suck big time. Often run and operated by the developer using a third party property management company who is nothing but their puppet.

Archived HOA Posting for January, February, and March 2009:
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  1. Thanks for the Blog follow at:
    The Patton Doctrine

    I now live in an older community with no HOA. I did have a condo association and hated it.
    HOA's and their sister Condo Associations are just leftist defeatist arms of a puppet government to damn lazy to do what tax dollars pay them to do.

  2. I found your blog by following another.
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    I live in an apartment complex, but this blog has convinced me when I buy a home, it will NOT have an HOA

  3. Nation of the DissatisfiedFebruary 12, 2009

    It took me too long to realize there are dumb poeple in this world...

    Several people were walking my neighborhood talking to residents and having them sign a paper that would allow the 10 month old HOA community accross the street to bring forth what they offer(rules and regulations for living in a house YOU own). They told us that they did not want to move us out and tear down our homes but rather allow the homes and residents to stay but live with the rules of the HOA.

    My issue is that this HOA is 10 months old and was constructed in the middle of a pre-existing 40yr old neighborhood.

    Now I like my home. Been here 10 years. My neighbors all know me and vise-versa. I like being able to park my 1970 Chevy Suburban in my driveway and not have to worry about someone sending me threatening letters. I like the leaves and toys in my yard. The guy down the street from me owns a towing and recovery buisiness. I'm sure its easier for him to have his trucks at the ready when he gets a call to take a vehicle.

    I'm glad you got voted out HOA people. FUCK YOU!!! that is why I told my wife that if we move, we move into an older neighborhood. NO HOA MEANS FREEDOM!!!

    By The Way, I also want to be able to fly my Canadian flag below My American Flag on the same pole instead of someone telling me that I cannot respect my true home country and the country I now call home at the same time...


  4. Hoa's suck-
    Maybe everyone should read the C.C.& R's before you sign the papers dumb fuck!
    I love going to the HOA meetings and listening to retards complain about the rules, THAT they didnt read when you bought your home.

  5. The Whole HOA IssueFebruary 12, 2009

    re, HOA's Suck
    The HOA is to protect people like me who read and understand the rules BEFORE you buy your house.. its to help keep the ghetto and trailor park trash OUT!
    What your neighbor does to there house CAN and WILL effect the sale of YOUR house! Thank GOD for HOA RULES!.. Keep the trailor park trash and the ghetto on the OTHER side of the street.. KEEP my side of the street, nice, neat and clean.

  6. I agree with the HOA DudeFebruary 12, 2009

    HOA's all suck.
    And i'm sick of these assholes driving around taking pictures of my home and my neighbors houses. I don't know you. You can say that you represent the HOA but if you don't provide proof, you get the cops called on you.

    OH YEAH... Isn't the purpose of a trailer gate so you can park a trailer or another vehicle in your back yard? Got a nasty note from these people saying that the top of my RV was too visible. But the "papers" that they gave me when I signed the line said nothing about how high of a vehicle can be parked in my back yard.

  7. AAM in Power Ranch is a gong showFebruary 12, 2009

    Arizona -
    We are new home buyers. The developer (Trend Homes) was paying the fees until the end of the year.

    First, we received our coupon book for monthly HOA fees on Jan 15th, and yes, they hit us with late fees because we didn't pay on time, big surprise, being that we got the vouchers on the very day the first one was due.

    Second, they demand that we pay an additional $66 each month...for pool areas that are locked up, locked pool houses, unheated spas and inoperable BBQs...tell me again what the value added is? Why claim there are 3 pools, when the reality is there are none fully operable? AAM is fully aware that the pools are inoperable, they have done it as a cost cutting move, so why demand that we pay for an amenity that does not exist? I'm not asking that the pools be heated, I'm expecting a pool deck I can lay around, a bathroom I can pee in and a BBQ I can cook on, thats all. Not to much to ask for an additional $66 a month.

    Third-Almost two weeks after they cashed our check for January fees, they sent us an invoice claiming we still owe for January. Meanwhile, they had already cashed the check for February's fee 3 days before they were nipping at our heels about the January payment that had already been made (minus the late fees, because that is their fault).

    The left hand has no sniff of a clue what the right hand is doing. Nice!

  8. NeighborlinessFebruary 12, 2009

    It seems as if neighborliness in the Phoenix area has become extinct. I live in a small gated community with an HOA and pretty much no one except the board members know each other. When you walk or drive through the neighborhood, people act awkwardly or startled if you say hello or wave. It's common for people not to know their neighbor's names and when a car enters a garage, the door goes down immediately. The board minutes mention neighbors complaining to the board about petty things, like a satellite dish mounted to the side of the house, a statue in front of someone's front door, people socializing on lounge chairs in the driveway, and people trimming plants on their own in the common area in front of their house.

    When I walk out of the complex, it seems like an extension of behind the gate. People pushing strollers and two or three people walking who refuse to move on the sidewalk to let you by only to be offended when you point out their rudeness. Dog walkers who don't move their dogs out of the way or reign in the leash when you are walking by. If I am walking straight ahead, please move your dog to the side. Why should I have to move onto the road? It's unpleasant when walking by to have a dog move towards you. You have no idea if it will bite or not.

    Anyone else notice this behavior in metro Phoenix?

  9. all homeowners associations are badFebruary 12, 2009

    Re Neighborliness

    hey u stupid ass HOA;s create this atmosphere

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  11. Homeowners Associations are so bad they inspired an episode of the X-Files about 15 years ago.

    A neighborhood was constructed over an old dump. Anyone who violated any of the rules was ripped limb from limb by a monster made of old garbage that just rose up out of the ground. The basic plot was a variation of the movie, Forbidden Planet where the head of the HOA conjured up a monster with his subconcious.

    One of the more amusing scenes involved a guy who is watching television in his livingroom at night. He notices that the post light at the end of his driveway blew out and in an obvious state of panic, runs outside to replace the bulb. The light was out for perhaps a total time of one minute. Just as he screws the new bulb in a monster rises up behind him and kills him.

    I lived in a condominium complex for a few years, but it was filled with working people who had little time for peaking over fences and little tolerance for those who behaved that way. I now own my own home and pay little attention to my neighbor's opinions about lawncare.


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