December 2, 2008

Neighbors Talking about their Homeowners Association

Boy this HOA sucks. What da say neighbor, we get up a petition and get rid of it!

Archived HOA Posting for December 2008:
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  1. You Been WarnedDecember 02, 2008

    You have to be a Liberal to want a damn HOA.

    Socialism at the family level.

    Be careful - They will be telling you where, when and what to eat.
    Where to shit, sleep, fart, pee, shower, and even what to drive.

    Politicians love HOA's they institute control through third parties, who will be blamed for everything, they are called Property Management Companies and even the HOA Boards will pay for any mistakes made.

  2. Hi there,
    We are going thro this mess right now.they put out questionnaires etc and nobody wants one but they push on.We are fighting it.Lawyers have been bought in and all sorts of avenues are being looked at.Nobody will sign though

  3. Perfect Example why HOAs R UselessDecember 17, 2008

    My Neighbors have 2 or 3 hound dogs that howl/bark the whole time they're gone. The dogs howl even when there's nothing going on, and go nuts when anybody dares walk past, talk in their driveways, play outside etc. I've been nice and talked to them about this several times. They always act as though they'll take care of it... still, every damn day, it sounds as if the sheriff is chasing a moonshiner through the hills of Kentucky.

  4. My home. My turf. My rules. Try to tell me how to live or what I can and cannot do on my own turf? Fine. Fuck you. YOU pay the fucking bills then HOA. Then you can blow me. Fucking communist assholes.


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